Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Busy Beaver...

My post is a draft I had saved, but didn't get finished, so here it is...

We have been super busy around here...
So I'll just start by posting one of the things
 we have been doing for the last several months,
that way I can have more than one post...
Here is the before...
(don't pay any attention to the unmade bed lol).
Red indoor outdoor carpet...
Here are my NEW floors
This one is the bedroom floor! Can you say perfect?!!!!

This is the livingroom floors, they need a bit of work but are wonderful!!!
 This is the work in progress... what I found when we pullet back the carpet...
Granddaughter, Lori, thought the adults (my best friend and partner in Crime and I were having to much fun)
So she wanted to help. Note her little gloves!! <3

Showing her how it is done...
My partner and in crime is in the closet taking out all of the tacks, and strips...
Loving what we found!!
 And these two are on the old carpet in the livingroom...
Yucky brown shag...
This was about 2 years ago... as Lori is 2, and Brian is 7...
They are now 4 and 9. How they grow sooo fast!!
Love my new floors, and family!!
Hope you enjoyed!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Sorry has been so long!!

Sorry all that it has been so long since I posted!!
  I am going to give it my best shot at keeping up. Hope everyone is having a wonderfully blessed day <3

 I have plenty to catch you all up on...
1st. The projects on the farm has been very busy!! We got some of these items done...
This is my buffet in the living room. I may have already posted this one...
But here are twoe more we have done since...
I have two more that have been done, but no photos yet... Will save them for tomorrow.
As you can tell, I am having fun with the chalk paint and old worn out pieces...
I wanted to add something from outside.
Our new patio!! It took a whole year to complete,
but it is FINALLY done!!
So here she is...
These bricks are all recycled bricks, that is why it took so long
to finish... I had to find them lol.
My daughter was the one to locate these in the center for me!
We are sooooo fortunate to have such wonderful children!!
Thanks to my daughter and nephew, we got it all laid in one night!!
Was finished yesterday! <3 <3 <3
And from patio we can go to this lovely destination!
Hope you all enjoyed the tour of the new patio area,
and some projects done.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Look... and some profjects

As you will see over the next few days...
I am trying out some new looks.
Trying to decide what is easier to read.
Don't know about you, but when
the blogger has trouble reading,
can only imagine how bad it is for you.
Please feel free to let me know what you like best!!
Thank you in advance for your help!
Changed the color background to a blue texture.
Hope this helps!!
Now for the projects.
I have two to show you today.
One is the after of the little side table mentioned
in an earlier post...
Here is the before...

and now for the after..
up close of front
the cute little table
I painted it with homemade chalk paint.
Used some black paint to be the undercoat,
then used Vaseline over that,
mixed my chalk paint,
Tbls. of unsanded grout with about a pint of white paint.
Didn't like the white, so I took some
of my yellow crafts paint and tinted it just a bit.
Love how the color turned out.
Then made some homemade Chalkboard paint,
and painted the top.
Just in case the grandkids decided to draw.
LOVE IT finished!
Now for the seconded project...
It kinda goes with this one mentioned above.
Cuz I used the same paints lol.


Little dresser..
Turned the top two drawers into storage,
and removed the top, putting it back on with hinges.
Added the cute little d├ęcor to front and top
I liked the black on the front, but on the top was to much black,
so I added some white...
Now I love it!!
Hope you enjoyed my little projects.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day,
I know mine has been made much brighter
with your visit. :-D

WOW!! Finally Back!!

I am so sorry to all that had read my blog.
Short story, lost stated before, found my blog on the desktop, desktop crashed...
So now I have brand new laptop. SO here goes!
Lots has happened since the last time I posted...
but I want to say the most exciting thing is
that my youngest daughter had her second child!
And has moved home... not necessarily in that order...
Here is a picture of our newest grandson!
He has a big sister, and two cousins to welcome him home!

The older girl and boy are the cousins
Younger girl is his sister.

They are all the joys of being a NaNa!
Let me just tell you it is wonderful having them all back together
so we can watch them all grow up together!
Thank you for letting me brag...
I will post one more picture, before I leave today.
It is my latest painting.
Where I daydream of walking...
Hope you all enjoyed the post.
Promise to post some of the other things I have been
doing while not able to get on my blog.
Thank you!
Hope you have wonderfully blessed day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Libester Award

      Sorry all my blogging friends that I have been MIA. Went to visit my daughter and granddaughter, and have some special time with them. Has been sooo much fun, I forgot to log on. As I type that, it really don't sound good, so once again I will apologize! SORRY!
      Just before I left I was the recipient of Liebster Blog Award, from a friend, and fellow blogger, Ashley Jones. Please click on her name to go visit her blog, she is such a beautifully It is really a great honor to be given this award, (I am very grateful, believe me!!)

I have found my pics for the Liebster Blog Award.
Thank you ladies for some wonderful reading! I have spent hours reading your blogs, and loving every minute of it! Now I am passing on all the love that was just shown to me. :D

Here are the rules for passing it along;
-Choose 5 up and coming blogs to award with less than 200 followers.
-Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you linking back to them.
-Post the award on your blog.
-Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone can pay them a visit.

1. Vidya over at Whats Ur Home Story?, please be sure to run not walk over to her blog to check out all the beautiful things she is doing to her house, and gardens.

2. Sabby Loco over at, join her for her everyday persuit of life :D

3.Jess over at That's Sew Crafty she is soooo crafty, please check out her blog.

4.Lisa over at Tissuepaper she is just starting out, and needs some very friendly folks to visit.

Thanks all!!!!!

Sorry for not posting!

Hello all!
    Soo sorry for not posting since March! I have been having computer issues... ie, my laptop got a virus, which took out my motherboard... grrr. Tried to have it fixed to only be told... no way! :-p
Then tried to log onto the desktop, to find out, it wouldn't let me on my blog. :( I finally remembered the password and tried again next day. Well that desktop liked me so much lol (it was hubby's puter) decided to not want to work for me. Then two days later hubby went to log onto his desktop and the main power went out. SO now we are computer less.... wonderful! NOT!
    Well, to make short story shorter. Daughter come home with her laptop, so I am using it to log in...
    The things I have been up to are: Babysitting the grands (loads of fun! I get to spoil the and sent the home to mommies and daddies lol) Putting up decorations for 4th of July... had LOADS of them. And now I am all geared up for Halloween :D I got up my witches, ghosts, monsters and scarecrows.
Lots of signs painted and placed all over the yard. I have pics, but haven't been able to upload yet, so hopefully I will get this done so I can add them to this post. I am already gearing up for Christmas... I know it is still two months away... but to paint enough things to put out... it will take me a while. (remember I am the procrastination queen!)
I will add more later!
Thanks all, hopefully I can post everyday now. :D
May you all be blessed with a wonderful family, a life that is full of love and joy!
God bless you all!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Here is one giveaway chance...
French Country Cottage she is giving away a BEAUTIFUL scarf! Go get your chance to win!! Thanks for stopping by.

I will post more tonite of all the beautification I have done to my outdoors.

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!!